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Woo~! San Diego was fun!

Well I just got back late sunday night from my 9 wonderful days in San Diego.

Well, technically, I was on that base on Coronado. hahaha, but yeah. I got used to waking up to f-18s flying everywhere.

Scott and I went to Sea World and the San Diego zoo, since they were free for military folk. And then we stopped by the MWR and spent 66 bucks a piece on disneyland tickets. We went to downtown san diego, and blahblahblah sightseeing.

Thing is, my mom gave me her camera for taking pictures. And I took that camera with me everywhere. But I was having so much stinking fun that I forgot to take pictures entirely, so I ended up taking a couple pictures of scott and one with both of us on my last day there right before we left for the airport. hahaha

Here's Scott. He hates getting his picture taken just as much as I do. hahaha!

Here's both of us. I know I look like crap, gimme a break. And yes, we're both standing up. I kinda don't notice that he's shorter than me and I'm cool with it. Buuuuuut, I still take every chance I get to pick on him about his height! <3

And that's that! You guys know I'm horrible at typing entries. I report to my ship this friday, w00~!
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